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Course Strategy

course strategy


Do you

  • struggle articulating your course objectives?

  • have trouble deciding how to structure your lessons and modules?

  • not know what kind of supplementary content will engage students?

  • just not know where to start?

  • need someone to help you make it the best course possible?


include a course review for a 15% discount


The 60 minute strategy call is designed to give you help in the very beginning stages of your course development. You will fill out a pre-call questionnaire to help me understand your idea. On our call, I guide your thinking, helping you to articulate your goals, outline your course, and develop a clear timeline for completion. Once we finish, I will provide you (within 24 hours), detailed notes from our call that include a timeline and action plan for you to implement.

What You Get

  • clear, measurable learning objectives for your course

  • an outline of your module and lesson topics

  • detailed ideas for supplementary content aligned to your objectives

  • a timeline designed to help you meet your desired launch date

  • 60 minute video call

  • discount course review session, should you choose to add it