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Just Get Your Course Done!: Getting Over The Impostor Syndrome

Erin Dotson-Kelly

I’m not good enough. Not smart enough. So-and-so has more experience, so why should I bother? There are too many people who do the same thing I do.

Have you said those things to yourself? I know I have. Periodically, over the years, and in each of the various positions I’ve held in my professional career. It’s hard not to. We all know people who are more successful than we are, and it’s natural to automatically assume they’re smarter or better at this whole business thing than we are.

But, they’re not.

They’ve likely put in hundreds of hours of hard work, over the course of months and years. They might make it look easy, but I can guarantee that it’s not. Achieving high-levels of success takes sacrifice, long hours, and time away from friends and family. Are there those who have caught a lucky break and have been faster to gain success? Of course. But the vast majority of entrepreneurs and business owners have put in significant time to build their successful business. You don’t necessarily see that, so it’s easy to tell yourself that you’re not good enough, that you’re not capable of the same success.

But you are.

How The Imposter Syndrome Affects Us

When you fall down the rabbit hole of doubt, you begin to put up roadblocks to your success. You make excuses, you put things on hold, you never even start things you want to. You’re probably here because you’re interested in building an online course. But maybe you’re doubting that you’re enough of an expert. Maybe you’re doubting that you can offer something better than someone who’s already got a course in your niche. But what if I told you that you can?

Why You Should Go For It

One of the course creators that I’ve just started working with said to me, “Why would someone pay me for a course when there are so many free resources out there?” He was doubting that what he had to offer wasn’t good enough, that people weren’t going to be interested.

My answer to him was: “Do you have insights that aren’t already available? Do you have skills that are unique and different? Are you providing value to your potential customers in packaging together tools that someone would otherwise have to search out individually?”

Of course he does. He sees his topic in a different way, just like he has a different set of skills and experiences that makes his viewpoint unique.

But, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doubt. It’s easy to feel discouraged when you see someone with your skill set be more successful than you.

But you have to remember: you DO have expertise. You DO have skills and information and a unique selling perspective. There is no one else out there that has your unique perspective, experiences, and expertise. How are you going to leverage them into an online course?

Get out there, go after what you want. Build your audience. Nurture your leads. Put that online course together!  

If you need some extra help and support in putting your knowledge and expertise out in the world, contact me to set up a discovery call! We can review your ideas, put together some actionable steps for you to follow, and get your course live before you know it!